It’s amazing how lazy I get when I have no outside pressure. Michael is out of town and Mia crashed right after school. I haven’t seen her since I got home.

Popsicles for dinner? Sure! That’s fruit, right?

me lazy 


So all the shit I talked about my hairdresser yesterday is erased. Sort of. With a wash and blow dry -minus the round brush, serum, mousse and paste- I like it. I just don’t understand why she tried to attack my hair with all that crap to disguise the actual cut! I don’t do “volume” or “edgy”. I said I want something that was low maintenance and she styled for 30 minutes after cutting for 15.

Anyway, I guess I will go back again. I’m just going to insist that she back off with the squeeze bottles and jars of goo. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. It is actually easier than the last cut.

haircut me 


God I did take a picture but just can’t. Maybe after I wash the massive amounts of styling product out and try to do something else with it. She even braided my bangs to one side (I think to hide the fact that she royally fucked up).

blech! me 


Got my haircut again with the same lady as last time. Last time I really liked it. This time I really want to go buy a hat. She said she learned a new technique that she’d been trying on everyone and thought it would be good on my hair. My hair is now too poofy and shredded. Gross.

I think she could tell I was not totally thrilled, but didn’t do anything to change it. I even said I thought I looked like my grandma on hairdresser day. She just kept saying, ” it’s great! I like it!”
No. Who cares? Not your head.


One side of my head feels like it has a big bubble in it that I can’t hear through. The other ear is ringing. This is so disorienting.



Basil, dill, and mesclun mix salad with almonds and parm sounds like heaven right now. Too bad no time for lunch.

me food 


Oh yeah, I get to put the hive back where I wanted it. Because the finished compost is still frozen to the ground and I can’t move it to start a new pile. So the new pile is going where the hive was. It’s warm, but there’s still ice in unexpected places.


To do today by 6:00 (yeah, right):

Clean house, Finish cleaning chicken coop, Finish weeding strawberry bed, Plant carrots, peas, lettuce, spinach, etc…, Pick up dog poop, Start on goat pen, Rake pine needles & cones in front yard, Clean chick tub, What else am I forgetting?

Spring is my nemesis.


I set up the bee hive. Michael doesn’t like where it is. My second best option has been our catch-all spot. I started clearing out the junk and leftovers… But the burn barrel full of pine needles and cones, and a a sealed 50 gallon drum of who-knows-what that’s been there since we moved in, are frozen to the ground. If they don’t come free by the time the bees get here, I guess it’s staying put. So there.


I cleaned up my flower garden today. I think the cold killed my lavender and sage. We will see. But the goldenrod, valerian, calendula and hollyhocks are fine.


Ya know what I like best about Tumblr? People post little bits of themselves and you get to know them in a way that is both more complete because of personal notes and pictures that represent loves and interests that may not be readily expressed in a face to face setting, but also is a totally incomplete picture of the actual person. I have no idea what most of you look like really, or your mannerisms and vocal tics, habits… Or even if you are representing yourself honestly.

I met raintogreen yesterday and she was just as nice as I thought she would be. I felt like I knew her already from her posts and videos. We had milkshakes and a nice chat about our little endeavors, she very generously donated a hive to our tiny farm and told me all about her beekeeping experiences. I wish we lived closer so we could be better friends.


Sitting at the kitchen table. I feel the sun on my back through the window. It feels so very good.



It didn’t freeze last night… It DIDN’T freeze last night! This means with luck the ground will thaw enough to plant cool season crops soon. I would start more in the greenhouse, but it’s still not fully set up yet. But, soon. SOON! I am kinda freaking out. Spring needs to be now.


I just ordered bees for the hive I don’t have yet. I’ll be getting that set up after I pick it up from raintogreen on Sunday. That’s the real reason for our visit. The bees will come in April.

Now, if I am any good at this, my skincare products will have even more home-grown ingredients~ honey and bees wax!

Imma be a beekeeper, yo.

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