Well, it’s official.

Well, it’s official.


Oh man. The new queen makes viscous babies. These new girls are much less forgiving of my clumsiness.

bees me 


Our BBQ was a lot of fun. Mostly it was Michael’s work buddies and their families, which is great. They are amazing people. Only one of my friends that aren’t Michael’s friends showed up. This is the third year of having our Scotch & Brats BBQ and this is the first time one of MY friends came. Because I guess being too busy is the In Thing. Well. I still had lots of fun.

Quality, not quantity.

And I’m too tired and too hot to make jam today. And my throat hurts because I actually talked to people this weekend. Or something. Anyway, the couch is my friend. Have a nice day.



So fuckin good.

I know some interesting people. When I hear about the things my friends do and how they live their lives, it makes my farm and arts feel small and boring.

Then I wake up in the morning and walk outside. I feel better now.


So much people!

Tonight, some old friends of mine Matt, aka Mr Projectile and Sean Horton along with Lucine are playing in town and I’m going to go dance my booty off. My friend Diana came down from Seattle for the show on a whim so that’s a bonus.

Tomorrow, our annual Scotch and Brats BBQ with tons of loved friends at our house.

Plus we had a great vacation and I saw my Tina & Justin last weekend, and my friend Joyce came to see me at the end of last month. I’m getting to see lots of my dear old friends this summer and it’s amazing. It’s easy to forget you have friends when life gets busy.

And Sunday I make apricot jam. Well rounded weekend, I think.


The only thing I asked my youngins to harvest while we were gone were the gooseberries. They were just coming ripe. Guess what? We have no gooseberries. The birds got them. I forgot is not acceptable! Le sigh…


Sorry for the barrage, havin la good time lol


Sorry for the barrage, havin la good time lol



Apparently, onion rings from Five Guys smell like fear.


Omg I’m getting on a plane tomorrow and going to the coast with my husband and we are going to not think about chickens or goats or plants or dog or anything for a whole week!

Except I’m worried the kids won’t follow the detailed day by day instructions I gave them and everything will die.

I’ll probably worry and call twice a day.


I purged a ton of people that I follow on here last night. I had stopped going on tumblr because it had become unmanagable. There was no way to get through all my dash in the amount of time I had and I was missing some of my favorites. I cut it in half. Half!! I’m sorry if you were one of them. I love you all, but realized I have got to make adjustments here.



The man is home. Now he’s sick. Airplane germs. It’s supposed to be 91 today. I better get to work.



My corn is shrimpy this year. We planted it in a new bed. There’s lots of brainy looking fungus growing in it… I hope it doesn’t kill it.


Back in early March when I first started seeds, I had 3 big black pots with greens seeds in them that I forgot to label. Once they got big enough, I recognized the tatsoi and mesclun, and I THOUGHT the last one looked like broccoli. Well, all my later broccoli is already heading and this hasn’t yet, though it still looks similar. Then while on the toilet yesterday I realized, it’s collards! Really big, blue collard greens. Looks just like my Waltham broccoli only a bit taller.

Label your seed starts, kids!


Having non-farmy old friends in town for a week is great! I get to take them out on the town and show off all my favorite spots here, sit around and reminisce, etc. It’s nice. I don’t get to see friends from my old life very often.

Having non-farmy old friends in town for a week is really stressful. All I want to do is go get dirty and weed the melon berm and muck the goat pen. But I feel like I have to entertain all the time and I know farming is not entertaining for them.



Today is the last day of school! No more bus driving for 3 months! I get to sleep in a bit! I’m so excited. Woohoo summer! Woohoo working outside! Except for the missing pay checks. That’s not so fabulous.


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