“The Radio Tape: Back when people listened to the radio, you kept a tape handy in your boombox at all times so you could capture the hot new hits of the week. The intro would always get cut off, and the DJ would chatter over the end. You also ended up with static, commercials, and jingles, but all that noise just added to the field-recording verisimilitude. The radio tape puts you right back in the original time and place when you first heard the songs. You are there, my friend. A girl I knew once had a radio tape with “Rock Me Amadeus” five or six times on each side; she just pressed record every time she heard it.”

Love Is a Mix Tape - Rob Sheffield (via ichelzu)

yep this was me in the 80s. and before i had a cassette player with a radio, i used my dad’s cassette recorder and held the mic up to the radio speaker. i was a bit desperate! i still have some of these tapes, waiting for my life of leisure to make art out of them…

(via spinsteraunt)

Yes! Blank tapes were the first Napster.

(via spinsteraunt)

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