One of my bestest friends left today. Back to Seattle she goes. I will miss her terribly, but at the same time I will be glad to get some damned sleep! Whenever company comes all schedules go out the window and we play it by ear. Which is really nice. It is nice to just fly by the seat of your pants and go get Big Dipper ice cream at 10:30 at night even though you have to be up for work at 6:30. Or spend the day on the river and then bbq and drink beer until 1am when you are supposed to be sober and ready for work in the morning. Now and then. Maybe. Life with animals, gardens and kids is pretty danged scheduled and routine. I forgot that most people don’t live like that. Or at least quite as routine as we do. I need to find a reliable farm sitter for long weekends with drunk friends. Or long friends with drunk weekends. whatever.


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