Oh good. I was worried.

I am obsessing a bit about my veggies. I think its warrented. I did spend every friggin day this summer hovering, watering, weeding, and caring for my planties. So when the deer eat my peas just as they were making a comeback and eat the tops off of the biggest tomato plants… And then the weather threatens to demolish everything in one go… I get testy.

But today i picked the first yellow pear tomato (yay!) and corn should be ready in a week or so. I pickled 5 quarts of cucumbers on Monday and had stir fry last night with green beans, squash flowers, carrots and onions from my plot. And it was good.

I do though, think that someone may be raiding our chicken coop while we aren’t home. Its funny how as soon as the baby chickens mature and start laying, suddenly there are days when we get zero eggs. When before we were getting 2 or 3 a day regularly. Just a bit odd. Oh, and the fact that our crazy nieghbor came asking if we had any to sell just about a week before. Hmmm…

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