Reasons to be glad you’re not a horse: BITS - Pt.1

Ok. For the uninformed: A bit is a piece of metal which goes into the horse’s mouth. Bits cause pain by cutting into the gums, tongue and bars (literally the horse’s skull bones on the bottom of the jaw, which are as sharp as a knife edge) to “control” horses, and are a torture device. Imagine having these pieces of work in your mouth!

And these aren’t even the worst that man has come up with. There are bits with spikes, bits with roll bars that pinch, bits made of bicycle chain, scissor bits, twist bits, ball chains…

Trust me, if you can imagine it, someone, somewhere, had made it into a bit and used it on a horse.

The other day I was thinking, “I’m really glad they don’t make shock collars for horses, because horse people would be THRILLED.”

Then I found out they do make shock collars for horses. 

And then I ragequit the human race.

Yep, Julie Goodnight (who I have met, by the way) not only supports really intense “join-up” sessions, but she also supports shock collars on horses.

Just for shits and giggles, I posted in a bit swap group on facebook, asking for a bit suggestion for my horse, and noted that the bit had to be smooth mouthed, and that something like a Wonder is too much for him. Of course I got a response of “what about a combo bit?”, because apparently putting pressure on their nose as well as pole and bars is less pressure?

reblogging this again just to note that NOT ALL BITS ARE EVIL LIKE THESE.
Most horses I’ve met prefer a nice smooth three piece eggbutt snaffle (shown here with a copper roller for horses that like to play with the bit) over any type of hackamore or bitless bridle. Of course if you’re doing it right, your seat and legs do much more of the communicating while riding than the bit ever does.

Reblogging for the last comment. Not all bits are evil torture devises. Trust me if Freckles (my sister’s quarter horse) doesn’t like her bit you will know about it. A happy horse is a cooperative horse.

Have you noticed that the dressage riders in the olympics hardly move? Yes, the riders are definitely using seat and leg as much or more than hands. The horses are taught to hold themselves in that position with minimal coaxing. And harsh bits are banned. A well trained horse doesn’t need them.

(Source: soulofanightfury)

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